The Beautiful Sandra Dewi in a Blue T-Shirt


sandra dewi bugil foto on t-shirt

sandra dewi telanjang  foto on t-shirt

sexy sandra dewi bugil and telanjang foto on t-shirt

Sandra dewi want to get married

Sandra Dewi beautiful artist is often asked by fashion designer for a wedding dress as a model. But Sandra alone till now not married. Because of its frequency was, she was considered to be desperate to get married or get married.

“I was often really a wedding dress model.’s Why many people who tell you that I want desperate to marry. Yes when it comes marriage, then certainly there are times when yes, now the bride wear once wrote,” Sandra said when met at Roemah Bride Anna Avante, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, Thursday (26/11) afternoon.

Sandra may be the desire to get married have a little way. The reason, he recently was just invented by a man who became her lover. Who was the lucky guy?

“Who are you? Still deh secret. We’re just going out this month. Yet also talked about marriage, still know each other. But definitely we were both seriously to move into a serious level,” said Sandra.

sandra dewi on t-shirt blue gallery foto sandra dewi seksi sandra dewi

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One Response to The Beautiful Sandra Dewi in a Blue T-Shirt

  1. sandra says:

    pake apapun tetap cakep emang dasar orangnya cakep

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